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Wholesale warehouse · store construction materials for insulation and construction works Стройматериалы в Киеве
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Wholesale prices ✓all materials in Kiev!
Buy new and modern construction materials to
construction → installation work in the capital of Ukraine
With us now it's much easier and profitable ツ

У нас всегда возможно купить стройматериалы для утепления фасадов. По розничным ценам оптом на складе можно купить пенопласт, утеплители, пенополистирол, клей, а так же сухие строительные смеси, клея для плитки, гипсовые и цементные шпаклевки, самовыравнивающиеся смеси, цемент, гипсокартон с доставкой на объект в Киеве. Полный комплект строительных материалов для наружного утепления, а так же внутренних строительно-монтажных работ. Строительные материалы для внешней и внутренней отделки фасадов квартир, домов и помещений. Так же в наличии пенополистирольные плиты разной толщины и плотности, а так же минвата · строительные смеси · сетки · дюбеля · краски · грунтовки · красители · монтажная пена, плиты ОСБ и многое другое на оптовом складе в Киеве.

Wholesale warehouse of building materials PenaStroy - With us is profitable!

Wholesale warehouse store "PenaStroy" today can become for You
✔надежным партнером на строительном рынке Киева.

Currently in stock are in stock and available to order:
- Dry building mixes;
- Gypsum and cement putty;
- Self-leveling mixture;
- Cement-sand mixture;

In addition to these materials, our experts will help determine the choice of materials for insulation of facades.
With us you can buy with delivery or purchase through the website:
- Foam;
- Insulation;
- Polystyrene;
- Adhesive foam;
- Decorative plaster;
- Paint for the front;

Also on site is a wide assortment of roofing materials in the form of:
- metal
- roof sheeting and corrugated Board for the installation of fence

You can order contemporary paint products cement PC 400 and PC 500 and the primer.

For those who are still looking for where to buy in Kiev Styrofoam pellets in bulk or in pre-Packed form at a reasonable price, we will reply - of course, "PenaStroy".

Мы с уважением относимся к каждому клиенту именно поэтому стараемся максимально минимизировать время на приобретение стройматериалов в Киеве. Вам не придется больше бегать в поисках подходящего товара и простаивать в очередях, чтобы оформить и оплатить доставку. Вы можете оформить заказ у нас на сайте или просто позвонить по телефону, после чего мы доставим по Киеву и Киевской области выбранные Вами стройматериалы в указанное место и точно в срок. Оплата производится только после получения материалов в руки!

 In selecting a contractor insulation of facades in Kiev alternative subsidiary "PenaStroy" company website
Among the masters there are no casual people, their experience in this area is fairly large, which allows them to handle the most complex tasks.

Our colleagues professionally and in the shortest time will hold the foam insulation of facades of houses, apartments and other buildings in Kiev and Kiev region.

 As soon as the time comes to think about the repair, so most people immediately, there are many questions associated with finding suitable materials. The company "PenaStroy" immediately ready to reassure You, after all, here you can find everything you need for repair and improvement.
You still doubt it?! Then immediately scroll catalog.

 Get more advice and good advice, you can call our Manager at the number listed on the website phone number. The main motto of our company is beautiful and warm facade of the house each of our clients!

In order to create beauty and make the facade more attractive, we offer to purchase from us:
- Reinforcing mesh;
- Glue the walls;
- Plaster profiles;
- Facade putty in stock;
- Plaster "bark beetle".

 Our company cooperates only with reliable manufacturers that's why the facade of your house will differ not only in quality, but also impeccable appearance. In the process of operation of our construction materials will bring additional work - this is proven over the years.

 To protect the wall from penetration of cold will help insulate materials for the facades. In that time, from dampness, moisture and noise will save your apartment with quality insulation materials, purchased from us, such as:
- Polystyrene;
- Mineral wool (mineral wool);
- Foam;
- Vapor and moisture barrier.

 Of course we didn't forget about your roof. Here you can choose the building materials for roofing. Metal corrugated roofing purchased from us will be reliable defenders for your roof. For a long time working with these materials complaints from them the quality simply was not there.

To create a unique design of the interior space we offer to pay attention to the drywall.
It is excellent to use indoors for:
- Alignment of the walls;
- Creating niches in the walls;
- The construction of the arches;
- Zoning space (creating interior partitions).

In stock you can pick up sheets of different thickness of wall, ceiling and arched gypsum Board and accessories for installation of drywall constructions and profiles.

For implementation we have a large number of building materials:
- Varnishes;
- Primer;
- Adhesive;
- Dry mixes and other supplies.

Why us?

 You don't have to worry about the quality of purchased materials. Our company is engaged in the sale of the most popular building materials in Kiev for a long time. Our experts will try to organize the buying process so that you maximize your precious time. You only need to choose the right product and add it to the cart for checkout. Managers will understand to everyone and will help ✓ practical advice in the difficult choice. For more expert advice, please call our office at the number on the website.

 After order confirmation we are on our own transport will deliver to the object of your goods in Kiev and region. It is worth noting that the prices of our building materials today are among the most reasonable in the market.


We have proved ourselves in the construction market on the positive side,
as sell only quality and proven materials.
Call and make purchases. We will gladly help You to save money during the repair!
 life +38(‎073)135-84-35   mtc +38(095)102-80-27 

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Areas of the delivery of construction materials from a warehouse "PenaStroy" in the capital of Ukraine.

Right Bank of Kiev:
Pechersk, Pechersk district • Podol, Podolsky district • Shevchenkivskyi district • Obolon, Obolonsky district • Borshchagovka, Svyatoshinsky district • Goloseevsky district • Solomenskiy district.

The left Bank of Kiev:
Darnitsa, Darnitskiy district • Dniprovskyi district • Troeshchina, Desnyansky district • Kharkiv district • Poznyaki • Osokorki.


Delivery in regions of Ukraine in Kiev region

Baryshivka, White Church, Kiev, Berezan, Bobrytsia, Boguslav, Borispol, Hog, Borodianka, Bortnichi, Boyarka, Brovary, Bucha, Byshiv, Cornflower, Great Dymerka, Cherry, Volodarka, Kiev, Vyshgorod, Gavrilovka, Glevaha, Gogolev, Gorenka, Gostomel, Crests, Combs, Demidov, Denykhivka, Dibrivka, Doslidnitske, Dymer, Minay, Zgurovka, Ivankiv, Kiev, Kaharlyk, Kalynivka, Kalita, Leather Jacket, Kozin, Kotsyubinskoe, Krasylivka, Foresters, Lukas, Lyutezh, Makarov, Medwin, Myronivka Motovylivka, Novi Petrivtsi, Obukhov, Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky, Piskivka, Rakitnoe, Rzhyschiv, Rozkishne, Rusanov, Semypolky, Square, Stavyshche, Old Petrovtsy, Tarashcha, Tetiiv, Tripe, Ukrainian, Ustinovka, Fastow, Seagull, Shpitki, Yahotyn and other inhabited localities of Kyiv oblast.

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