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 Metal is a unique and effective roofing material that combines strength, ease of installation and visual appeal with a reasonable price for each customer.

 For the manufacture of metal we use high-quality metal sheets bearing a polymer coating of different colors and textures.


 Find quality metal roofing at an affordable price you can on the pages of our catalog.

Represented roofing material has a number of advantages:
- high strength;
- long life;
- easy installation;
- a wide range of colors;
- low price;
- environmental friendliness and safety;
- resistance to corrosion and various aggressive environments.

The main characteristics of the material and the criteria on which you should pay attention to when buying tiles next:
- the thickness of the sheet, the thinner the sheet, the less the weight of the shingles and the cheaper it is;
- the presence of zinc, this is very important, as the concentration of zinc provides corrosion resistance to the material;
- the coating material, which determines not only the appearance, but also the duration of service;
- the type of profile.

Metal is perfect for roofs:
- private house;
- shopping centre;
- industrial buildings.

 Yourself to choose and buy metal in Kiev is not difficult, but if you are looking for call us and experienced managers will help you to create an order

Metal "Barcelona", 0.4 mm

UAH 0.00
Metal "Barcelona", 0.4 mm
for roofs, the angle of inclination is more than 14 degrees
Wholesale prices

Metal "Marseille", 0.5 mm

UAH 0.00
Metal Marseille, 0.5 mm for roofs, the slope of which is more than 14 degrees
Wholesale prices

Venecja "VENICE"

UAH 0.00
Modular metal tile "VENICE" looks like real ceramic tile.
Wholesale prices

Metal (Monterey)

UAH 0.00
Metal (Monterey)
Sizes: Thickness 0,36 / 0.4 / 0.45 / 0.5 mm Ширина1195мм*
Wholesale prices

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Areas of the delivery of construction materials from a warehouse "PenaStroy" in the capital of Ukraine.

Right Bank of Kiev:
Pechersk, Pechersk district • Podol, Podolsky district • Shevchenkivskyi district • Obolon, Obolonsky district • Borshchagovka, Svyatoshinsky district • Goloseevsky district • Solomenskiy district.

The left Bank of Kiev:
Darnitsa, Darnitskiy district • Dniprovskyi district • Troeshchina, Desnyansky district • Kharkiv district • Poznyaki • Osokorki.


Delivery in regions of Ukraine in Kiev region

Baryshivka, White Church, Kiev, Berezan, Bobrytsia, Boguslav, Borispol, Hog, Borodianka, Bortnichi, Boyarka, Brovary, Bucha, Byshiv, Cornflower, Great Dymerka, Cherry, Volodarka, Kiev, Vyshgorod, Gavrilovka, Glevaha, Gogolev, Gorenka, Gostomel, Crests, Combs, Demidov, Denykhivka, Dibrivka, Doslidnitske, Dymer, Minay, Zgurovka, Ivankiv, Kiev, Kaharlyk, Kalynivka, Kalita, Leather Jacket, Kozin, Kotsyubinskoe, Krasylivka, Foresters, Lukas, Lyutezh, Makarov, Medwin, Myronivka Motovylivka, Novi Petrivtsi, Obukhov, Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky, Piskivka, Rakitnoe, Rzhyschiv, Rozkishne, Rusanov, Semypolky, Square, Stavyshche, Old Petrovtsy, Tarashcha, Tetiiv, Tripe, Ukrainian, Ustinovka, Fastow, Seagull, Shpitki, Yahotyn and other inhabited localities of Kyiv oblast.

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