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After the main installation work on the insulation foam, you need to install the flashings for protection against moisture.

 Windows that have sills always look neat! The ebb is an integral part of the window unit, whose main purpose is to divert water, protect window, and the protection of the weld (in the form of foam) from destruction.


Buy low tides in Kiev high quality in our shop. Warehouse PenaStroy offers tides for Windows: steel and galvanized.

 Each unit of the product has perfect appearance, as it is made of steel sheets with the use of coatings made from polyester.

Advantages of aluminum sills:
- the product is not subject to corrosion;
- easy to clean with water;
- the surface is covered with a protective film, which protects during transport;
- high resistance to mechanical damage.

Steel flashings and their advantages:
- accessibility;
- aesthetic appearance;
- resistant to external factors and sudden changes in temperature.

We offer buy low tides Kiev in different colors. Colors aluminum sills are wide enough, but the steel is represented only in white and brown.

Tide galvanized 300x2000 mm

UAH 136.50
Tide galvanized 300х2000 mm

Tide galvanized 80x2000 mm

UAH 39.00
Tide galvanized 80х2000 mm

Tide galvanized 100x2000 mm

UAH 45.00
Tide galvanized 100х2000 mm

Tide galvanized 130x2000 mm

UAH 54.00
Tide galvanized 130х2000 mm

Tides white 200x2000 mm

UAH 95.00
Tide white 200х2000 mm

Tide white 250x2000 mm

UAH 117.00
Tide white 250х2000 mm

The tides colored 200x2000 mm

UAH 0.00
The tides colored 200х2000 mm

The tides colored 250х2000 mm

UAH 0.00
The tides colored 250х2000 mm

The tides colored 300x2000 mm

UAH 0.00
The tides colored 300x2000 mm

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Areas of the delivery of construction materials from a warehouse "PenaStroy" in the capital of Ukraine.

Right Bank of Kiev:
Pechersk, Pechersk district • Podol, Podolsky district • Shevchenkivskyi district • Obolon, Obolonsky district • Borshchagovka, Svyatoshinsky district • Goloseevsky district • Solomenskiy district.

The left Bank of Kiev:
Darnitsa, Darnitskiy district • Dniprovskyi district • Troeshchina, Desnyansky district • Kharkiv district • Poznyaki • Osokorki.


Delivery in regions of Ukraine in Kiev region

Baryshivka, White Church, Kiev, Berezan, Bobrytsia, Boguslav, Borispol, Hog, Borodianka, Bortnichi, Boyarka, Brovary, Bucha, Byshiv, Cornflower, Great Dymerka, Cherry, Volodarka, Kiev, Vyshgorod, Gavrilovka, Glevaha, Gogolev, Gorenka, Gostomel, Crests, Combs, Demidov, Denykhivka, Dibrivka, Doslidnitske, Dymer, Minay, Zgurovka, Ivankiv, Kiev, Kaharlyk, Kalynivka, Kalita, Leather Jacket, Kozin, Kotsyubinskoe, Krasylivka, Foresters, Lukas, Lyutezh, Makarov, Medwin, Myronivka Motovylivka, Novi Petrivtsi, Obukhov, Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky, Piskivka, Rakitnoe, Rzhyschiv, Rozkishne, Rusanov, Semypolky, Square, Stavyshche, Old Petrovtsy, Tarashcha, Tetiiv, Tripe, Ukrainian, Ustinovka, Fastow, Seagull, Shpitki, Yahotyn and other inhabited localities of Kyiv oblast.

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