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Wholesale warehouse · store construction materials for insulation and construction works Стройматериалы в Киеве
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 The most important event for the creation of a favorable microclimate in the house is a high-quality insulation of the facade of the house.
Wall insulation will significantly save costs for the heating season, especially in anticipation of the next raise of the tariffs.
In order for the insulation was done correctly, you should carefully approach the selection of insulating components.

 Our company has own production line. Manufacturing takes place under strict control that allows us to guarantee high quality of our products. In the production process use quality raw materials from leading European manufacturers. All materials fully comply with European standards.

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Characteristics of materials for thermal insulation of facades

 Planning the insulation of the apartment in Kiev or region, most residents are faced with the problem of which material is best suited for insulation of walls from the outside.
This can be done with the help of materials presented in the online store wholesale warehouse Here you can buy at best price:
* Foam (Penopolistirolnye plate);
* Stone mineral wool.
Also, note the related items and consumables, without which simply can not do during for facade cladding:
- Special glue for polystyrene;
- Plaster "bark beetle";
- Spackling mixture;
- Mesh reinforcement facade;
- Dowels for fixing polystyrene (umbrellas) ;
- Facade different shades;
- Facade reinforcing polaki;
- Start-up profiles.
 Wall insulation in Kiev foam is perhaps the best option of insulation of the building from the outside. The demand for this product is due to its low cost, strength, low weight, simplicity of operation and ease of installation.
 The foam in Kiev you can buy not only for exterior insulation, but also for insulation of walls from the inside. Environmentally friendly material will not do harm to living organisms, as all products are made in accordance with the latest requirements.
The basis of rock wool mineral fibers are connected to each other synthetic elements. Mineral wool is in great demand as insulation for walls, as it meets the following characteristics:
- Excellent heat conduction;
- Environmentally safe;
- Fireproof;
- Does not bring difficulties in the installation;
- Has a high level density.
Technology wall insulation involves the use of high quality materials at each stage of the work. Insulation with mineral wool, the price of which may differ in a big way from the foam, involves a preliminary preparation of the base and fastening wool and also high-quality reinforcement and decoration of the facade.
 In the wholesale warehouse store you can buy materials for insulation of facades at the best price in Kiev. All marketed products are of high quality guaranteed by leading manufacturers.
The house is insulated, our materials will always be warm, protected from excessive noise and absolutely safe.

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Areas of the delivery of construction materials from a warehouse "PenaStroy" in the capital of Ukraine.

Right Bank of Kiev:
Pechersk, Pechersk district • Podol, Podolsky district • Shevchenkivskyi district • Obolon, Obolonsky district • Borshchagovka, Svyatoshinsky district • Goloseevsky district • Solomenskiy district.

The left Bank of Kiev:
Darnitsa, Darnitskiy district • Dniprovskyi district • Troeshchina, Desnyansky district • Kharkiv district • Poznyaki • Osokorki.


Delivery in regions of Ukraine in Kiev region

Baryshivka, White Church, Kiev, Berezan, Bobrytsia, Boguslav, Borispol, Hog, Borodianka, Bortnichi, Boyarka, Brovary, Bucha, Byshiv, Cornflower, Great Dymerka, Cherry, Volodarka, Kiev, Vyshgorod, Gavrilovka, Glevaha, Gogolev, Gorenka, Gostomel, Crests, Combs, Demidov, Denykhivka, Dibrivka, Doslidnitske, Dymer, Minay, Zgurovka, Ivankiv, Kiev, Kaharlyk, Kalynivka, Kalita, Leather Jacket, Kozin, Kotsyubinskoe, Krasylivka, Foresters, Lukas, Lyutezh, Makarov, Medwin, Myronivka Motovylivka, Novi Petrivtsi, Obukhov, Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky, Piskivka, Rakitnoe, Rzhyschiv, Rozkishne, Rusanov, Semypolky, Square, Stavyshche, Old Petrovtsy, Tarashcha, Tetiiv, Tripe, Ukrainian, Ustinovka, Fastow, Seagull, Shpitki, Yahotyn and other inhabited localities of Kyiv oblast.

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